Creative Development 

 With 44+ years of combined marketing experience, Couldn’t Look Better (CLB) creates both original and customized products designed to capture the essence of our client's brands, meet or exceed their marketing goals, and set our clients apart from their competitors. Moreover, CLB understands how to manage its client’s entire marketing program from design to delivery.

In addition to providing effective products at competitive prices, we offer our clients the additional services of logistics management. CLB can manage your entire marketing program from ordering and drop shipments to warehousing and fulfillment. CLB can assume the responsibilities of delivering promotional items to requested locations or the ultimate end user. CLB can maintain inventory, process orders and manage the on-time delivery of promotional products in-house with a minimal additional investment. Ultimately, we can add further budgetary value to your overall marketing program.

Let CLB structure a plan to manage the entire process of delivering marketing items to your customers. We will design the program with one single goal in mind - your complete satisfaction.

Below are some additional value-added services where CLB might be able to bring further cost savings and/or convenience to your existing marketing program:       

In-House Graphic Design
Need help with developing a concept for your next project or event? Do you need a quick edit to an existing design? Is your on-staff designer swamped and you need some help with the overflow? Let us help!     

Many companies consider purchasing in larger volume(s) in order to capture the associated cost savings. However, they face a storage challenge.  Let CLB warehouse this inventory for you.     

Automatic Reorders  Never run out of an item again. Together we can determine a minimum supply that needs to be on hand at all times. Once a warehoused item falls below that predetermined minimum level, CLB would automatically reorder. No more running out of stock and having to incur rush production and/or expedited freight to replenish goods.   

Auto Shipments 
Do you have remote offices that need routine replenishment of certain items? Provide us with the mailing list and needed items/quantities for each office and we will take care of the rest for you.